[Official Rules] Rules and Guidelines of ROKLIFERP

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[Official Rules] Rules and Guidelines of ROKLIFERP

Post by Sour Balls on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:59 am

This will be the official rules, and guidelines for ROKLIFERP and it will be updated from time to time!

Follow the following rules below!


1. Do not disrespect admins/staff
2. If you're chinese, or you have really bad ping, either fix it or leave!
3. No cheating, hacking or exploiting in the server!
4. Do not KOS at Day, only at Night!
5. You cannot KOS on the Trading post 24/7!
6. You can KOS 24/7 on King's Throne to Bridge!
7. You cannot raid someone's base offline
8. You can KOS during day/night if you are declaring war with another guild
9. You can have alliances with other guilds to fight in their wars!
10. Be mature, and have fun!
11. Role playing is allowed, but you are not forced to!
12. Mugging people is allowed!
13. Do not block any farming nodes etc
14. You may build on Kings/Bridge!

Anyone who don't follow these simple rules will be dealt with, and will be banned.


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